About Us

About Us


Braintism was inspired by Nishtha Shah (MBPsS), a graduate member of the British Psychological Society, when she began to actively engage with the current educational scenarios and demands in India and specifically those of the children-people with special needs.

The team at Braintism works towards raising awareness amongst parents, caregivers and other members of the society and also works towards channeling the strengths and the special abilities of children with special needs to lead better lives.

Nishtha kickstarted Braintism, a one stop destination for all mental health services, developmental delays and specialized intervention provision after gaining the required education and knowledge from London. She completed her B.Sc. in Psychology from Royal Holloway, University of London and MA Special and Inclusive Education from the Institute of Education (IOE), University College of London.

At Braintism we welcome all children and young adults irrespective of their level of needs and difficulties.


Our Process


We follow a very individualized process of counselling. We curate special programs for every individual based on their needs. Our main aim is to empower the client live a better life.

Faculty Review and Interviews


Being mindful of the rising numbers of children with special needs and the hardships faced by the parents and caregivers, Braintism has been created to cater to such difficulties and provide satisfactory support.


Next steps upon enrollment


After a client enrolls, we meet them to understand their requirements. Based on their requirements and diagnosis, if any, we offer them the counselling plans. Our counselling services are very personalized.

About The Founder

Nishtha is a Special Educational Needs Consultant and a Psychotherapist who has graduated in Psychology from Royal Holloway University of London, UK. She then progressed her educational career by pursuing her post-graduation in Special and Inclusive Education from University College London – Institute of Education, UK.

Nishtha continues to work in various academic and non- academic settings offering customized multisensory intervention plans to children and young adults with learning difficulties and special needs.

As a consultant Nishtha works with parents and teachers delivering adequate information and providing guidance to better help children with their diagnoses.

Nishtha Shah

Founder of Braintism