Professional assistance to resolve
personal and psychological problems




Braintism offers professional assistance and guidance to empower our clients to resolve their emotional issues. Our talk therapy is designed to help people effectively understand and resolve their psychological issues that could be hampering their daily life and activities. Emotional difficulties could be overwhelming and they can affect the wellbeing of an individual.

Emotional wellbeing is important for everyone’s holistic development. Thus, we offer counselling to individuals with or without a mental diagnosis. Counselling helps people overcome their emotional challenges and live a more productive and meaningful life. Our team focuses on improving the quality of life of our client.

Types of Counselling


Relationship Counselling

Relationship counselling aims to enhance the quality of the relationship of the couple. We focus on solving their problems, improving their communications and conflict resolving skills.


Educational Counselling

Our educational counsellors guide the learners to select the right path. We understand the individual’s interests and skills and based on the analysis, we offer assistance and guidance to the individual. We provide this service to everyone, including children or even parents who need better guidance.


Mental Health Counselling

Mental Health counselling is not only offered to people diagnosed with a mental illness, instead, it is available for both people with and without a diagnosis. The aim is to improve the mental wellbeing of the individual.


Rehabilitation Counselling

Rehabilitation counselling is offered to individuals dealing with substance related issues, like alcohol or drugs. It is also offered to people with eating disorders and several other behavioral issues. Our aim is to help our clients modify their behaviour patterns.

Role of a counselor

Our counselors interact with our client and offer them the guidance and assistance needed to cope with the problem.

  • Evaluate problem areas
  • Guide them with the coping mechanisms
  • Create goals and treatment strategies for our clients
  • Encourage them to speak without hassle
  • Continuously asses the condition of our client
  • Provide our clients and their family regular progress updates
  • Offer support and education to the family members

Why should you go for counselling?


If you or your loved one is dealing with any of the issues mentioned below, please feel free to reach out to our counselling team to improve the condition.

  • Substance Abuse
  • Eating Disorder
  • Relationship Difficulties
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Eating disorders
  • Stress
  • Trauma
  • Gender identity and sexual orientation
  • Difficulty in performing better in everyday life
  • Any other emotional or mental difficulty

About The Founder


About The Founder

Nishtha is a Special Educational Needs Consultant and a Psychotherapist who has graduated in Psychology from Royal Holloway University of London, UK. She then progressed her educational career by pursuing her post-graduation in Special and Inclusive Education from University College London – Institute of Education, UK.

Nishtha continues to work in various academic and non- academic settings offering customized multisensory intervention plans to children and young adults with learning difficulties and special needs.

As a consultant Nishtha works with parents and teachers delivering adequate information and providing guidance to better help children with their diagnoses.

Nishtha Shah

Founder of Braintism